Welcome to the work and play of Jason Taylor. Based in the U.K. Experimenting with readymades for too long now... but still having fun! Cornify www.jasontayor.me Contact me for more info and prices: jasonmade@me.com Copyright © 2000-2011 Jason Taylor


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Objects I used on the project - click to filter results on the Blog.

It was fun to be back selling at the Harley Gallery Art Market.

Working on the next exhibition at the Harley Gallery finally getting around to developing some things from the everyday objects project. Some products, some sculptures and some workshops….

An interview to go along with my Everyday Objects Exhibition currently on at The Pump House Gallery, London until 10th November 2013

and I look and sound awful….so please close ears and eyes.


Everyday objects slideshow (teaser)

song - Nightcall, Kavinsky - cause most objects were made at night and lyrics seem to fit.



See! I have been a little busy.

Clip on….I think this the start of making some low voltage lights finally… Everydayobjects

A newish light made from yogurt pots and hanging basket.

Not another website… A new project/challenge i’ve set myself… to make something everyday of the year…going ok so far click pic to see.

loopy golf

Holiday drawer?

Mind burp……

All made from donated junk to Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

Is it obvious? Is it any good? Is it art? 

chair repair

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