Welcome to the work and play of Jason Taylor. Based in the U.K. Experimenting with readymades for too long now... but still having fun! Cornify www.jasontayor.me Contact me for more info and prices: jasonmade@me.com Copyright © 2000-2011 Jason Taylor


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Working Title
Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth. Exhibition 1st-9th October. 

Working Title

Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth. Exhibition 1st-9th October. 

My work definitely looks different in a gallery, show starts next saturday. So if you are near Scunthorpe in the next month pop in to 20 21 gallery for the Art+Play exhibition its for kids too!

Who else would stick a bulb inside 100 sponges? 

I know, who would want to?

It all adds up.

A basket ball caught in the act of multiplying.

Fantastic Elastic Baskets…..

Hot circle... made with mini hot water bottles.

Potential piece for the art of play exhibition…i think its a winner.

Elastic basket - bands on another hanging basket and…

more tin can-dles, more colours. 

Sponge bob bucket? inside

Steam light in b/w or in colour

Bucket totem

See-saws - available with or without teeth… more

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